December 22, 2018

Pierre Hermé's festive 2018

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It's the festive season again, which means Pierre Hermé was once again offering seasonal macarons.  I try to buy these every year, as some of these can be really special.

Jardin fruité - a new flavor comprising of lime zest and red fruits compote.  I could definitely pick up the lime flavors through the tiny bits of candy on one side. 

Truffe blanche et noisette - the perennial favorite.  But somehow the fragrance of white truffles wasn't as amazing this year as in the past.  Still love the crunch and fragrance of the hazelnuts, though.

Noisette et foie gras - the recipe was changed this year, and foie gras is no longer paired with chocolate.  As a result, the flavors from the foie gras became much more prominent, much to my surprise.

Caviar Petrossian - I was so enamored with these when I found them last year that I just had to buy them again.  I'm pretty sure they weren't made with beluga, but those distinctive caviar flavors - savory on top of some sweetness - is just so irresistible.  I didn't notice any walnut eau de vie, though...

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