December 18, 2018

Swissitalian dinner, episode 2

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Two years ago, the four of us had a blast bringing fancy wines to a cheap-and-cheerful chain restaurant - taking a piss (as the Brits would say) and enjoying a shit-talking, gossip session.  We decided to do that again tonight, and the quartet descended on Spaghetti House once again.  We had hoped to attract a fifth member to our gathering, but alas, even my promise of a bottle of Montrachet failed to entice the snooty Fergie...

I was the first to arrive, and found ourselves a corner table away from the rest of the crowd.  We were going to be loud, and the expletives emanating from our table was most fucking certainly not gonna get a G-rating.

Deluxe gold cheese fondue - THIS.  Baby, this is what you came for.  We had this 2 years ago, and this year they've jacked up the price by 30%.

We started with some 24 months aged Comté cheese (at least we think they are Comté this time...), Italian prosciutto ham, "Spanish prosciutto beef" (WTF is THAT???), along with some fresh fruit.

We dipped the grilled New Zealand premium rib eye into the melted cheese...

This selection included diced hash browns shaped like stars, cubes of baguettes, turkey meatballs, cubes of smoked ham, smoked bratwurst, portobellos, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and pipe rigate. We had a lot of fun dipping these into the cocotte.

We also got some chicken wings in honey lemon sauce.  These weren't so good...

Baked pipe rigate with ham and double cheese - this was OK.

Of course we brought a few bottles tonight, and seeing as Fergie wasn't coming, I took the Monty off the table and brought something else that was interesting - including some bongwater. Of course, I was trumped by g4gary in the interesting department...

Blue Nun 22K Gold Edition - this was slightly sweet on the palate.

But of course, one really needs to see the gold flakes floating in the bottle to appreciate how amazingly bling this is...

Pithon-Paillé Grololo - a little pungent, stemmy, reductive nose, with leather and potpourri notes.

2015 Château de Meursault Savigny-lès-Beaune 1er Cru Les Peuillets - black fruits, pungent, a bit of sulfur, with sweet fruit underneath.

We had a great time.  There was, as expected, a ton of peanuts and popcorn thrown around the table, and I made sure to dress appropriately for the occasion...

Looking forward to our next session together!

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