December 12, 2021

Casual and delicious dim sum

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Casual lunch at Ho Hung Kee (何洪記).

House specialty wonton in soup (正斗鮮蝦淨雲吞) - compared to the ones from Mak's Noodle (麥奀雲吞麵世家), these definitely showed a stronger taste of white pepper.

Shrimp and baby shoots dumpling (翡翠菜苗餃) - these are pretty decent.

Barbecue pork bun with saucy filling (流汁叉燒包) - I have always liked these char siu bao, as I find that use better pork for the filling compared to many local places.

Rice noodle rolls filled with twisted cruller (香脆油條腸粉) - it's hard for me to leave here without ordering their 炸兩, as the crispy crullers inside were just so, so good.

Another happy lunch.

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