October 24, 2021

New guy quickie

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This morning finds us out in Fanling, so we decided to check if Sun Hon Kee Restaurant (新漢記) would have a table for us. Lucky for us, we did not visit at peak hour, so the restaurant was relatively empty. Sankala and I chose a couple of dishes we liked from our first visit, and tried out a couple of others which looked good and would appeal to the kids.

Pan-fried whiting fish cake (自家製九棍魚餅) - so, so happy to have this again. Very tender texture and made from lizard fish (九棍魚).

Braised pork belly with Chinese pickle (招牌梅菜扣新鮮豬肉) - OF COURSE we would order this up! A quintessential Hakka dish, and why would we pass up the chance to have very fatty pork belly?! If only we had steamed rice to go with it...

Sun Hon Kee special fried fish noodle (自家製手打一品鮮魚麵) - it's amazing that people are still making these old-school noodles with fish. Love the texture.

Sun-dried whitebait with chili pepper in soy sauce (尖椒醬油焗山坑魚乾) - very, very happy to have these fishies again. Very, very crunchy. Beautiful flavors.

Goose feet noodle with abalone sauce (鮑汁鵝掌撈蝦子麵) - this was a big hit with the kiddies, and honestly I'm not surprised. The combination of abalone sauce and shrimp roe make for big flavors. It was fun trying to scrape the noodles stuck to the pot off the surface, and the texture was nice. The goose webs were nice, too.

Loofah with cuttlefish ball (自家製墨魚丸浸勝瓜) - I loved the cuttlefish balls from last time, since they're made without starch. These have the ink added, which gave them more depth of flavor. I also love loofah and thought this was a nice combination.

This was a pretty satisfying lunch, and we were all pretty happy. Nothing fancy, but every dish was made with heart. I only wish I didn't live so far away...

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