September 7, 2022

Fresh and crunchy

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I haven't seen the Landlord in over a year, although we have been keeping in touch and know roughly what's going on in each other's lives. She decided to take me out to lunch so we could catch up over some work issues, and I could get an update on her family. She has apparently grown fond of Yong Fu (甬府), a place I used to love but have stopped patronizing. Since she's picking up the tab, I figured I would go along.

I was happy to do a simple meal with some dumplings and stuff, but my friend had other ideas...

As usual we had some snacks on the table for us to nibble on, including preserved radish (蘿蔔乾).

Drunken mantis prawns (冰鎮溏心蝦姑) - as I don't eat raw crab, I ended up enjoying these drunken mantis prawns which were sweet and flavorful. Always nice to start with these.

Boiled celtuce with Sichuan pepper (玉釵萵筍) - one of my favorite things to order here. So refreshing, so crunchy, and that tingling on the tip of one's tongue from Sichuan peppercorn oil instantly perks up one's palate.

Sliced homemade seaweed flavor fish cake (自製苔香魚餅) - I guess these weren't slices today... OK la...

Sauteed shrimps with lily bulb and lotus seeds (九年百合鮮蓮炒蝦仁) - this was WONDERFUL! I expected the restaurant to serve up quality river shrimp, and the 9-year-old lily bulb - from Lanzhou (蘭州), I presume - would be crunchy and starchy. But the surprise today was delivered by those lotus seeds, which were so, so fresh and wonderously crunchy. I would go back just to have this dish again.

Braised small yellow croaker (紅燒東海小黃魚) - we decided to share one little croaker instead of each having our own, and I prefer this braised rather than the other preparations which would be more bland. Really, really tender and succulent flesh. I do love this.

Chef's signature handmade pork dumplings (主廚手工水餃) - I insisted on ordering this, and I was not disappointed.

The wrappers were thin with a springy texture, just as they should be. The juicy filling included diced shepherd's purse (薺菜) and minced pork, and the flavors today were particularly punchy. No, having 3 to myself was definitely not enough. I'd say half a dozen to start, at a minimum.

Hawthorn and pear drink (山楂雪梨飲)

Winter jujube (冬棗) - I love that they serve these jujube when in season, as we don't see these often here in Hong Kong.

Black Thorn durian moon cake (黑刺榴槤月餅) - I had seen people post about the two different types of durian moon cakes available, and at least I got to try one of them. Loved this, but then that's a given.

It was good to come back and taste the kitchen's wonderful creations. Shame that they insist on delivering poor service and rush their customers out the door in the evening.

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