September 30, 2022

I'd like some wine with my fries, please

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I was informed this morning that Sankala had a hankering for French fries. As she wasn't cooking tonight, that meant finding a place which can satisfy that craving. And it can't be just ANY kind of French fries, since neither of us like fat chips or wedges. The fries have to be thin enough and stay relatively crunchy on the outside.

I suddenly remembered that Sankala really likes the fries at Bâtard. It wasn't that the fries are the best in town. No, that wasn't it. It was because they come with little jars of ketchup from Alain Millet, which really does taste amazing. Knowing there was no chance in hell I could bag us a table for 2 on the same day, I picked up the phone and called Fine Wine Experience and asked if I could order some simple bites from the restaurant menu - such as French fries - while sitting at one of the tables in the shop with a bottle of wine. I was told this could be done, so I booked us a table for tonight.

Alas, we were informed when we arrived that only ham and cheese are available in the wine shop. They did agree to my request for the French fries, because after all, that was the whole reason we were there.

52-month Iberian ham - pretty tasty for sure, and I love the melted pork fat. Sooo flavorful, which could only come from aging.

Fries - ah... yes! The Alain Millet ketchup! And this time we used up two little jars. I swear I could just spoon the damn thing straight into my mouth.

Selection of farm cheese Antoine Zaruba, The Cheese House - from the cheese cart I chose Tête de Moine, Truffled Gouda, Reblochon, and 24-month Mimolette.

Since we just wanted a casual meal, I chose a bottle that wasn't very expensive but that I knew would be drinking well right now.

2010 Canon-la-Gaffelière - pop and poured. Very smoky and minty, with dried herbs, at sweetness on the nose. Half an hour later this was showing more woodsy and cedar notes. Drinking very well right now.

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