September 23, 2022

Casual dim sum for Friday

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NC Chung and I missed catching up with the Compatriot together a few weeks ago, so we made plans to do lunch. I have only recently heard the background story of the team behind the House of Orient (福和雍), and figured it may be a decent place to grab some dim sum.

I gotta admit that the space was smaller than I had expected, and the tables also seemed closer together than I would have wanted, but oh well...

Soft shell shrimp toast (軟殼蝦多士) - kinda interesting as they used "soft shell" shrimp so we ended up eating the shell, too.

Steamed Chiuchow-style dumplings (潮州粉粿) - pretty decent.

Siu mai with quail egg (鵪鶉蛋燒賣) - I could taste the white pepper in the pork.

Baked char siu bun with crunchy crust (酥皮焗叉燒餐包) - the icing was pretty crumbly, and the flavors here were pretty sweet.

Deep-fried turnip puff (蘿蔔絲酥餅) - not great. Tasted pretty greasy.

Mini chicken pies (迷你雞批) - OK la.

Fried wontons with crab and chives (韭菜炸蟹盒) - very tasty, although the wrappers were pretty soft and moist in the middle.

A decent place for dim sum in Central, that's for sure.

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