October 5, 2023

Mooncakes 2023

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Foursheets has been on a long business trip and I'm not spending Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) with family in either Hong Kong or Taipei. This meant that my motivation for buying mooncakes was particularly low this year. I'm also no longer working in an office where we receive mooncakes as gifts, so... yeah, fewer calories from mooncakes this year. I did, by chance, receive a few gifts this year, and I was pretty happy that they were all exactly what I would have wanted to buy for myself.

Musang King durian snowy mooncake (貓山王榴槤冰皮月餅), from Dking (帝一榴) - for the third year in a row, our friend decided to give me a couple of these over Foursheets' objections.

I do like these. Love the strong durian flavors.

I was unexpectedly given a box of these durian mooncakes from Yong Fu (甬府), by my friend who could not carry them back to Taiwan. Very grateful for her generosity. They come in two different flavors.

Musang King durian mooncake (貓山王榴槤月餅), from Yong Fu (甬府)

Yes, these are a little more tasty than the ones from DKing. The flavors are certainly more intense.

Black Thorn durian mooncake (黑刺榴槤月餅), from Yong Fu (甬府) - I had the good fortune to taste these last year when I dined at the restaurant.

This was actually even better than the Musang King, as the flavors were even more intense. I do remember liking it a lot last year, and I think my friends agree with me.

Tangerine peel and red bean paste mooncake (陳皮豆沙月餅), from Happy Bakery (快樂麵包) - now that Happy Baker has re-opened, I decided to go back to buy the traditional mooncake that I really like.

I definitely prefer red bean paste, and certainly without any yolk. Very, very happy with this.

Really happy that I didn't get too many mooncakes this year, as I could not have handled the extra calories. CC was very happy, too, as she got to have the durian mooncakes every time I had one.

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