October 4, 2023

Siamaya chocolates

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While shopping for goodies at Gourmet Market at EmQuartier in Bangkok last month, I came across a range of chocolates made by Siamaya Chocolate. The flavors looked pretty interesting as they featured some very local combinations probably found nowhere else, so I decided to grab a whole bunch to bring back. I ended up giving some away to friends, but made sure I kept one bar of each flavor I bought. I had fun tasting them over a number of days:

Durian Milk Chocolate - very nice. The durian flavors are here but it's not too strong, and I think using milk chocolate is better than dark chocolate.

Massaman Peanut Curry Dark Chocolate - nice texture with the crunchy peanuts, minced and candied ginger. Got a little heat here.

Tom Kha Coconut Curry Dark Chocolate - lots of desiccated coconut inside, plenty of lemongrass and galangal, some chunks of candied tomatoes and some cocoa nibs. A little heat to remind one it's a curry. Texture-wise I thought there was too much solid mass inside the chocolate.

Masala Chai Milk Chocolate - definitely tasted the masala spices but they were kinda mild. This one also made sense to come as a milk chocolate instead of dark.

Mango Chili Dark Chocolate - WOW! Fiery kick from the first bite as soon as some of the chocolate started to melt. No sweetness until one bites into the chunks of dried mango. I really like this.

Hill Coffee and Pomelo Dark Chocolate - not that interesting, actually. Really only came with candied pomelo rind but the flavors were neither strong nor fragrant.

Thai Bullet Chili Dark Chocolate - not the first time I've had chocolate with chili, and this had a nice kick. But in comparison the Mango Chili is much more interesting.

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