January 18, 2009

A little press coverage

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I woke up to a little surprised today.  A friend informed me that there was a write-up about my blog in the South China Morning Post.  I didn't know anything about it, so I ran down to  buy a copy of the paper.  Sure enough, there was a little blurb in the Sunday Magazine.

Susan is a friend and has been following my blog after stumbling upon it some time back.  She decided to tell her readers about it, but forgot to give me a heads up...  Well, I thanked her for the spotlight she put on the blog.

The text is reproduced here.

Sunday January 18 2009
Peechy keen

Susan Jung

Some food blogs make you want to get into the kitchen and cook, others make you want to go out and eat. Diary of a Growing Boy (chi-he-wan-le.blogspot.com) is firmly in the second category - and best of all, 'Peech' blogs primarily from Hong Kong, so we're not salivating about restaurants in cities we haven't yet visited. His postings are prolific and detailed: not just a few lines but paragraph after paragraph of his analysis about dishes he's tasted.

Most of the former banker's posts (he's now a headhunter) are about high-end restaurants and he writes with enthusiasm and knowledge about Asian and western cuisines. He's also passionate about wine: many of his meals are organised by members of a wine club he belongs to and are tailored to complement the wines.

Peech is well-travelled: he often goes to Taipei (where he was born) as well as the United States, Europe and both familiar and 'off the beaten path' parts of Asia (including Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan).

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