January 1, 2009

A walk on the Peak

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It was a gorgeous new year's day. Even though I didn't wake up early for a morning drive with some friends, I did make plans to lunch at the Peak Lookout with my cousin and her 5 month-old golden retriever puppy. Tons of people wanted to go to the Peak today. Traffic was horrendous, and there was people everywhere. But with gorgeous weather like this, it shouldn't surprise anyone that we all wanted to walk a little and take in the breathtaking views.

Wolfie was a happy pup today, discovering all kinds of new things as we walked down from the Peak. Lots of other owners were out with their dogs, and the dogs took turns greeting each other, as they normally do.

It was such an enjoyable walk today, and I wonder why it is I haven't do so for such a long time. Gotta take advantage of the season and get out more.

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