January 8, 2009

Simple Italian lunch

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I had a quick lunch today at Cipriani, my go-to Italian restaurant. I like this place for its no-nonsense, solid food, and I'm such a creature of habit that I usually have exactly the same dishes every time...

I started with my usual cucumber, sweet corn and cherry tomato salad. It's nice and refreshing, and it's not your run-of-the-mill green salad.

I followed with a plate of deep-fried seppeolini and soft polenta. The seppeolini are actually a type of squid, and these small ones are lightly breaded and deep-fried whole. Actually this was a wonderful dish - very flavorful (as anything deep-fried can be) yet pretty light due to the thin layer of breading. The squid is very fresh and delicious. The polenta was also good, being a bit more liquid than normal. There was only a thin layer so it didn't feel too heavy. This is a dish that I would like to have again.

I had a slice of the vanilla cream cake forced on me...my favorite cake was wonderful as usual, but I just couldn't finish it...what a shame.

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