April 9, 2009

Bordeaux trip day 5: strolling around St Germain

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I've got a few hours today to stroll around St Germain before heading home. After a good night's sleep (finally...) I got up to get some breakfast.

On the way to breakfast, I stopped in at Madeleine Gély to look at the beautiful handmade parapluies. They are very pretty and feminine, and the nice lady in the shop - who turned out to be owner and creator Alexandra Sojfer - was particularly friendly. Soon I found myself pulling out my credit card to shell out EUR 500 for one...

Yes, I completely played the tourist and went to Café de Flore. I was tempted to have the rillettes on Poilâne bread, but in the end I had to go for Le Jockey - their version of Croque Madame. It looked great, and also tasted wonderful. I had a pot of chocolat viennois to go along with my breakfast. It was rich enough without being over-the-top like what you'd find at Angelina.

After some more people-watching, I do a quick round at St-Germain-de-Prés - including the small park outside where I saw a pigeon stand on top of Picasso's bust of Guillaume Apollinaire without crapping on it...

Time to get my macarons... I hit two of the best in Paris - Ladurée and Pierre Hermé. Both have outlets on rue Bonaparte but I quickly realized that I should have gone to the main store of Pierre Hermé to get all the flavors. I guess I'll just have to hit it on my next trip at the end of this month.

I arrived at CDG a little early, and since I skipped lunch entirely, decided to go to McDonald's to check out any special items. I spent EUR 2 on a Croque McDo - their version of the Croque Monsieur. It's basically 2 thin pancakes with ham and cheese inside. It looked really, really flat but didn't taste bad at all. Another notch on the belt for strange McDonald's items around the world...

Oh, and I got upgraded on the flight back. I guess Cathay Pacific is trying to tell me that they want my business...

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