April 4, 2010

Tapas delight

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I went back to Tapeo tonight for some tapas.  It's been too long since I was last here, and I decided to pay the affable Piero another visit with my favorite cousin.

I took a glass of 2008 Altozano white, made from Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo.  Nose of peach and tropical fruits, with a little oak and some white flowers.  There was almost a hint of fizziness.  The wine was a little ripe on the palate with medium acidity.

Gambas pil pil - simple yet delicious, fried in olive oil with plenty of garlic and red chili peppers.

Ham croquetas - very creamy and gooey inside, with little chunks of ham inside.  A tad on the salty side, but otherwise pretty decent.

Sardines a la plancha - the minute these were put on the grill I could smell nothing but the fat of the fish being cooked.  Always wonderful, served with some red chili peppers and romesco sauce on the side.

I took a red as my second glass, choosing to go with 2006 Altozano red.  This was a blend of Temperanillo and Shiraz, which produced a very interesting nose.  Mint, pine needle, fragrant and floral notes.  Lots of plum and very ripe fruits, almost raisin-like.

Iberian morcilla and duck egg - I love morcilla and any kind of blood sausage.  Chunks of this were fried with onions and topped with a single duck egg.  Flavors were pretty heavy here, especially after the chunks of fat inside the sausage were heated.  Actually tasted better with some bread.  My favorite dish of the evening.

Crispy pork belly with quince alioli - I saw chunks of this being cut down to size when I first sat down, so of course I wasn't gonna pass this up.  Pretty decent, especially the crispy crackling.  But the portion did shrink from 3 pieces to 2 over the last year...

We were pretty full, so I went for the churros.  I loooooooove churros, and wish that I could have these for breakfast.  Dipped, double-dipped and triple-dipped in the chocolate sauce.  Slurp...

I'm glad I came back tonight.  Since this place is so close to the office, I think I should stop by more often!

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