April 2, 2010

Return to stone cottage

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Tonight I met up with some old friends I haven't seen in a while. They wanted to go to La Baita, as they read about how much I enjoyed the food on my last visit.  For my part, I was pretty happy to go back and have a simple meal of pastas.

Since I liked it so much last time, I ordered a half portion of tagliatelle fatte in casa con salsiccia, piselli e scamorza scottata.  This one's still a winner... I love Italian sausage, especially the fennel seeds inside.  I also really liked the scamorza.  Yummy!

The restaurant was doing a series of dishes based on artichokes, so I had risottino con carciofi e guanciale croccante.  I'm normally not a big fan of artichokes but I thought this was very well done.  What attracted me to the dish, of course, was the bacon made from pig's cheeks.  These were very thin and crispy, and sooooo delicious.  You would expect this to be just a little greasy, which is where the artichoke comes in.  The acidity of the veggie works to cut down the greasiness of the pork, and shows the thinking behind the dish's creation.  Oh, and the rice itself was al dente, too.  Two for two.

Once again I left the restaurant without dessert.  But that's another story...

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