April 30, 2010

2010 edition: San Pellegrino Top 100

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Here we go again... The "World's 50 Best Restaurants" has been announced, and there are some notable changes this year.  My perennial #1 El Bulli has fallen to #2 after a few years at the top.

There's always some controversy whenever any of these lists are published, and there was an uproar this year when no restaurant in France made it into the top 10.  Spain continues to dominate with 4 of the top 10, reaffirming the country as one of the most exciting food destinations.

I'm not sure if the voting system evolved further this year, but the number and choices of the Asian restaurants continue to baffle me.  While I enjoyed Iggy's in Singapore years ago and have heard good things about the new Jaan under André Chiang, I can't imagine either of them to really deserve a spot in the top 50.  It also seems clear that they don't have enough people who really knows Japan on the panel...how else do you explain that there are only 3 restaurants from Japan among the top 100, when there are 4 from Singapore and 5 from Hong Kong?  You're not seriously telling me that Japan is less exciting as a foodie destination?!

Anyway, the restaurants I've been to among the top 100 are:

2.  El Bulli
8.  Daniel
9.  Arzak
10.  Per Se
13.  Pierre Gagnaire
14.  L'Hotel de Ville - Philippe Rochat
15.  Le Bernardin
24.  Les Creations de Narisawa
28.  Iggy's
29.  L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon - Paris
32.  The French Laundry
33.  Martin Berasategui
44.  La Maison Troisgros
48.  Nihonryori RyuGin
53.  L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon - Hong Kong
55.  Robuchon A Galera
59.  Lung King Heen
63.  Akelarre
65.  Bo Innovation
78.  Les Amis
90.  Amber
96.  Cepage by Les Amis

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