April 29, 2010

Gambero rosso

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I had Italian for lunch for a second day in a row, this time back at Tuscany by H.  No, I never get tired of this place, especially the pasta.  Harlan's pastas are awesome.  Period.

The set lunch didn't appeal, so I ended up just having a plate of pasta.  The Namdaemun ajumma was having her comfort food - the tagliatelle with wild boar ragout.  I could have had that, but one of the specials caught my eye.

Homemade spaghetti chitarra, Italian red prawns, garlic, snipped chives in baby shrimp sauce was something I just couldn't pass up.  Any prawn pasta here is bound to be really good, and I wasn't disappointed.  The pasta was soft but not mushy, with plenty of bite.  The red prawns were actually kinda like cooked sweet shrimp (甘エビ), with the shells removed but the heads attached.  I happily sucked whatever I could out of the heads, and what I got was heavenly.  The prawns were tender and delicious.  And the baby shrimp sauce - with dried baby shrimp like sakura shrimp (桜海老) - was divine.

I didn't have any dessert or coffee, just had some water with my pasta.  An hour later, the flavors of the shrimp sauce still lingered in my mouth...

I say again... Harlan's pastas are awesome.

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