May 31, 2011

Château Palmer tasting

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Hong Kong Wine Vault organized a tasting of the wines of Château Palmer tonight. Bernard de Laage de Meux, the Marketing Director who I met on my trip to Bordeaux, was there to meet and greet.

2006 Alter Ego - sweet and ripe, smoky, oaky. Sweet on the palate but turned a little dry on the finish.

2005 Alter Ego - nose was more open, with cedar, mint and sweet fruit. Lovely and ripe on the palate.

2005 Palmer - nose was very lovely and open, with more cedar, dried herbs and not so ripe and sweet. Smoky. Very well-balanced on the palate. A much more classic Bordeaux that is completely different in style to Alter Ego.

2000 Palmer - classic nose with smoke, dried leaves, grilled leaves and cedar. Not too sweet on the palate.

1998 Palmer - nose was smoky, open and beautiful, with coffee notes. Very smooth. Drinking beautifully and a complete surprise.

1995 Palmer - smoky and minty. Sweet on the palate with some tannins still detectable.

Historical XIXth Century Wine - this is another batch of Palmer's "experimental" wine, which adds Syrah from Northern Rhône into the blend... just like the way they used to back in the old days. The designation of "L.20.07" means it was produced in 2007, making it the third release after 2004 and 2006. Nose was very big, rich, ripe and jammy. Minty, alcoholic and a little sharp with pine needle. Pretty new world in style.

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