December 16, 2013

Makan 2013 Day 1: farang dinner

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So here goes... My week in Singapore.  Why am I here?  Well... I guess I just wanted to be somewhere else other than Hong Kong, and be away from the office for a few days.  There are a lot of friends and family I can visit in Singapore, and I haven't seen enough of most of them for the last few years.  Of course, there's always food - a good selection of both international fine dining as well as the local stuff.

I arrived late in the afternoon, after a long and slightly tortuous journey - during which I made an unintended stopover at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport.  I HATE stopping over in Bangkok, because they won't let you get off the freakin' plane.  You are stuck on the plane for more than an hour, during which time the cleaning crew come and do their work, and you're not allowed to roam around and can't even use the toilets.  I didn't look carefully enough before booking the cheap tickets online, and this is what I get.

Anyway, I got settled into my relatives' nice apartment with a gorgeous view overlooking Keppel Island and Sentosa, and when dinner time rolled around, led them to Thanying at the Amara Singapore Hotel for their first taste of this old Singaporean favorite.

I deferred to the elders for ordering, as I know they're not as adventurous as I am, and only requested 1 little appetizer...that failed miserably...

Miang pla-tu - this is an appetizer where you're meant to mix and match the ingredients as you'd like, and wrap it all in a leaf along with the sticky sauce made with palm sugar and tamarind.  I mixed in pieces of fried mackerel, peanuts, galangal, lime...etc.  Not bad.

Gai hor bai toey - doesn't get more stereotypical farang than this... deep-fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaf.  These pieces were huge, and very tender and moist.  Very yum.

Tawd Mun Kaopod - FAIL.  These corn fitters were totally not what I was hoping for.  There just wasn't enough corn kernals, and was just a pile of mushy dough.  I was more dreaming of these beauties I had in Bali last year...  I needed to take responsibility for ordering this crap, so I ended up stuffing myself with them...

Gaeng keow wahn gai - this chicken green curry was not bad.

I never knew one was supposed to have salted fish with green curry, but then again, just because I spent a few summers and Christmas vacations in Bangkok doesn't make me an expert on Thai food.  These were actually kinda tasty on their own.

Pla kao sam ros - mmm... this deep-fried boneless grouper wasn't what the elders were expecting, since the hot and sour sauce was in a bowl on the side, instead of the whole fish being soaked in it.  I didn't really see a problem with this, since it kept the fish itself fairly crispy.  I thought the fish was not bad, if juuuust a little on the dry side.  But the sauce itself was nothing to write home about.  Ho hum...

We were too full to have dessert, and decided to go for a walk along the beautiful waterfront park.  I'll be jogging along that path a few times this week to burn off all the calories I'm taking in!

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