December 3, 2013

Shrinking Boy, four months in

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It's now 4 months since I started on my diet, and I've made a little more progress during the last month, which is meant to be the "maintenance" phase of the program.  I was, of course, not really interested in just maintaining my weight, and wanted to keep going down.

Weight loss so far: 8.5kg.
Unlike the first three months when I was losing 2.5kg a month consistently, this past month has been much more difficult.  My weight's basically been like a yo-yo... swinging up and down within a range while trying to push lower.  A string of big dinners - three over the course of the week, all at the same restaurant - really didn't help.  I had lost up to 9kg the very morning before the first of those three meals, only to experience the biggest spike up during the last four months.

During the maintenance phase, my daily ratio had actually increased slightly - especially my intake of oils.  My nutritionist is also prepping me to integrate other, more "fatty" foods.  Foods that were off-limits during the weight-loss period are now permissible, although on a limited basis.  That's good to know.

Well, Imma keep going.  I'm still some ways from my goal, and I ain't stoppin' 'till I get there!


mumbojumbo said...

Hello Shrinking Boy

May I know what programme you are following? Good progress!

Kind regards


Peech said...

Hi Felix,

Are you in Hong Kong?


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