February 11, 2017

Bali hop 2017 day 2: dinner on the rocks, part 2

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We had a 6 p.m. reservation for dinner at Rock Bar at the Ayana Resorts and Spa, so I had to rush back from checking out droning sites around Pura Uluwatu.  Thankfully Hello Kitty already went back to the resort after our disappointing lunch, and she managed to show up for our reservation on time.

By the time I dropped off my gear at our villa and rushed over by buggy, there was a big group of people without reservations lining up to try to get in.  Thankfully we were villa guests and had priority privileges, and had the foresight to book a few days before we arrived.  As I rushed down the cliff, I ended up at what turned out to be the wrong part of Rock Bar - thanks to directions from a staff.  Hello Kitty was nowhere to be found, and as it turned out Ayana had expanded this bar significantly to accommodate more guests due to the popularity of the place... so I was a little frustrated at having to run around looking for her.

Thankfully, though, she had complained to the staff for having seated her next to an annoyingly boisterous family from Mainland China.  Today being the 15th of the Lunar New Year and all, Bali (as well as this resort) was overrun by Chinese guests.  After requesting for a change, she was moved to a table right next to the DJ booth on the elevated platform in the middle of the bar.  This area has one of the best views for sunset, and apparently was available only to guests staying in villas.  So we counted ourselves pretty lucky.

I think the platform only accommodates five partitioned booths around the DJ, plus two tables to the side.  Very exclusive and private.  As we were seated at our table, a young couple from Mainland China left their booth and the guy got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend.  A sunset proposal by the sea.  How romantic!

And... OF COURSE I started by ordering another girlie drink!  This lychee ice tea was refreshing and exactly what I needed.

Pla thod - these were pretty decent fish fingers, with Thai sauce on the side.

Calamary fritti - pretty standard deep-fried calamari rings.  Can't go wrong.

Goong sarong - these prawns were wrapped in noodles before being deep-fried to create "spring rolls".  Same Thai sauce used as dip.

Since we finished our lunch pretty late, it didn't take much food before we started feeling full.  As we had switched to one of the booths directly facing the setting sun, we just hung out for a while enjoying the ambiance... listening to the sound of the waves, and feeling the platform shake when a big one hits.

Back at our villa, I decided to pop up the bottle of 2014 Bernard Van Berg Le Rosé I brought down with me. Hands down one of the worst wines I have ever had.  Nose was faint upon opening, and palate was pretty non-existent.  Only showing some mineral, almost savory funk.  After aerating for 2 hours and warming up a little, finally there was some length to the finish.  Nose was still weak, with a hint of salted lemon.  A total waste and we did not finish. Made with pinot noir grapes from En Belles-Roses in Meursault, from vines planted in 1957.

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