February 23, 2017

Bangkok 2017 day 6: one last meal

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We're leaving Bangkok tonight after having eaten our way around town, but before we do, there was one last meal to be had.  My friend L flew in today for a short business trip, and we managed to catch up with each other in Bangkok of all places.p

Having gone through a few Thai restaurants ranging from fine dining to historical hole-in-the-walls, I decided to go somewhere sort of mid-range.  Taling Pling (ตะลิงปลิง) is a local chain with a few convenient locations, and the branch in CentralWorld seemed to be a convenient location for all of us.

The three of us each picked out some dishes that we wanted to try, so we ended up with a lot of food...

Thai styled minced pork and crab dumpling (ขนมจีบไทย) - these were surprising good, kinda like siu mai (燒賣).

Stir fried chayote in oyster sauce (ยอคผักแมัวไฝแคง) - L liked this so much that she ordered a second portion.

Thai peppery vegetable and prawn soup (แกงเลียงกุ้งสดพริกขี้หนูสวน) - reasonably spicy with lots of pepper, but thankfully not too sour.

Wingbean salad with curry paste, minced pork, prawn, and coconut cream (ยำถั่วพู) - this was a little spicy, and pretty tasty.

Crabmeat curry with wild betel leaves (แกงคัวเนื้อปูใบขะพลู) - nicely flavored with kaffir lime leaves.

Crispy pork lardons omelette (ไข่เจียวกากหมู) - what's not to like about crispy fried omelet?  Especially one with crispy, sinful bits of pork lard?

Crispy fried noodle in sweet and sour tamarind sauce (หมี่กรอบทรงเครี่อง) - my fourth mee krob (หมี่กรอบ) this week, and this one wasn't bad.

Green curry with fish ball, krachai and Thai eggplant (แกงเขียวหวานลูกชิ้นปลากราย) - the fish balls seemed handmade and had nice, bouncy textures.  Thankfully the finger root (กระชาย) didn't taste too pungent.

This was a pretty good lunch at a popular chain restaurant in a busy shopping mall.  Not in line to be one of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants, to be sure, but still provided us with a delicious meal.  I was happy to have caught up with my friend as we were wrapping up our trip to Bangkok.

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