October 2, 2022

Worship mountain lunch

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We're doing our usual ancestral worship today, and this puts us close to the border with Shenzhen. We didn't really have any interest in the vegetarian meal on offer, so once again we chose to head into Fanling and grab lunch at Sun Hon Kee Restaurant (新漢記). We missed out on an epic gathering here 2 weeks ago, so this kind of made up for that...

Sun Hon Kee special fried fish noodle (自家製手打一品鮮魚麵) - always happy to have these handmade fish noodles, but maybe next time we need to order them in the middle of our meal so that this doesn't show up at the start...

Pork tendon with shallot oil and soy dipping sauce (白烚豬前腿筋) - so, so, soooo happy to have this again. I looooove the tendons from pig trotters, and these are simply blanched and served with a dipping sauce of soy sauce and what tasted like peanut oil.

Steamed capon (大扇雞) - Sankala really wanted this so we got ourselves half a chicken... and ended up taking a good portion of it home. It IS very tasty, and well-worth ordering.

Stir-fried baby squid with red onion (紅蔥爆連墨汁鮮吊桶) -

Loofah with cuttlefish ball (自家製墨魚丸浸勝瓜) - always happy to have these cuttlefish balls made with ink, and of course loofah is one of my favorite vegetables since childhood.

Stir-fried sticky rice (秘制生炒糯米飯) - very happy that the weather has gotten cooler and they are now offering this. Very, very nicely done. Love the bite/texture of the rice grains.

Pearl oysters omelette (珍珠蠔仔煎蛋) - this was disappointing, but only because I was expecting it to come with more corn starch and fried into a crispy pancake.

Braised beef brisket (清湯牛腩) - very, very good. So good that someone decided to clean up the pot.

OK, I definitely need to come more than once a year... and need a bigger group next time.

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