September 6, 2023

Bangkok incognito day 6: carbonara danish

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I'm flying out on a morning flight today, which meant I really didn't have any realistic options for breakfast. I had come across something curious in a package being sold at 7-11, and I figured I'd give it a shot and do that for my brekkie.

Carbonara danish sandwich is an interesting proposition. I love flaky pastry, and I LOOOOOOVE carbonara - whether the "real" ones made with egg yolk or the "fake" ones made with cream. So naturally I'm curious about this.

The staff took it out of the package and heated it for me in a sandwich/panini press, and I crossed the street back to my hotel room. Looks pretty decent!

Well... we've definitely got some thick creamy sauce... and little chunks of ham. This would make Italian cringe, but it tasted OK.

I strolled around Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport after checking-in, looking around to see if any restaurant looked interesting. When nothing struck my fancy, I chose to head to the familiarity of the Cathay Pacific lounge. They didn't have dan dan noodles (擔擔麵) here, so I ended up munching on some dim sum. To add insult to injury, I totally forgot that they serve the Thai tangerine juice here... but it must be ordered from the bartender.

It's been a good trip, and it's always great to catch up with friends. We'll be back.

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