September 6, 2023

Long time no bird

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Just a couple of hours after getting off the plane from Bangkok, I'm out having dinner with the Birdiegolfs. It's been YEARS since I last had a meal at Toritama (酉玉), which is a combination of 2 factors: for years the restaurant was difficult to get into; and Foursheets doesn't do chicken... especially chicken offal that yakitori joints pride themselves in. After a couple of missed opportunties earlier this year, I finally got the chance to be in the seat next to Mr. Birdiegolf.

Meals here are always simple affairs. Everyone puts their hands up to show whether they do or do not want a particular item, then just wait for the arrival of each stick...

I was pretty hungry as I didn't eat on my flight, so I devoured these crudités in no time.

Meatball (つくね)

Gizzard (砂肝)

Achilles tendon (アキレス腱) - pretty nice.

Liver (レバー) - pretty juicy.

Sweetbread (おたふく) - so springy and bouncy! Very, very nice!

Okra (オクラ)

Knee soft bone (ゲンコツ)

Grilled corn (焼きコーン) - so, so good with butter. The salt actually brings out the sweetness of the corn itself.

Chicken oysters (ソリレース) - sot-l'y-laisse is always one of my favorite parts of the chicken, and this was just so beautiful... Loved the skin.

Sweet potato (焼きいも)

Small onion (ペコ玉)

Calf muscle (とうがらし)

Grilled corn (焼きコーン) - I love corn so much that I had to order another bowl for myself. Not sharing.

Wing (手羽先)

Grilled rice (焼おにぎり)

Crown (かんむり) - I love having these.

Maitake (舞茸)

Chicken oysters (ソリレース) - had to do another stick of my favorite part.

It's interesting to see how they grill the cheese, as it starts from being a block and gradually melts and gets flattened.

Provolone cheese (プロヴォローネチーズ) - very nice and crispy, but so fucking salty.

Only three of us were drinking tonight and I didn't bring any decent bottles, so I chose to order something off the restaurant's list.

Katsuyama Junmai Daiginjo Den (勝山 純米大吟醸 伝) - seimaibuai of 35%. Pretty soft and viscous on the palate. Sweet on the attack but turned dry, with a long finish.

Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo 42 (磯自慢  純米大吟醸 42) - seimaibuai of 42%. Sweet on the nose with plenty of starchy rice. Slightly dry on the palate but it's mostly on the sweet side.

Really happy to be back and totally enjoyed the sticks. Many thanks to my friends for the kind invitation.

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