September 14, 2023

Just for me

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Foursheets is away on an extended business trip, so I'm having to fend for myself during this time. While this means that I'm without my usual dining partner, it also gives me a chance to hit some places solo, and enjoy some "me time". Although I'm normally a social animal during meal times, I also feel that the pleasure of solo dining is very much underrated.

In the past I've gone to my favorite Neighborhood and sat alone at the bar, but I've now been told that it's no longer an option. Thankfully I could still get myself a table for their early seating, so I found myself at the corner table next to the entrance to the back room.

I know that the Kitchen Nazi had just come back to town, but I was still a little surprised to see him at the restaurant so early in the evening. Must be prepping for some VIPs... Anyway, I did ask him whether I should place orders for the dishes that I wanted to eat... and he waved off the suggestion and told me that he's got some stuff for me...

Local tiger prawn tartare / peppers - right off the bat, we have the local tiger prawn (花竹蝦) that isn't usually on the menu. Obviously these are fresher than the imported red prawns from various parts of Europe.

Deep-fried prawn head / tomato / burrata / peppers - a familiar dish with a twist... there are now the deep-fried heads of the prawns on top. Very crunchy and tasty.

With a little tomalley from the prawns themselves, which curiously came in two different colors...

Roasted bone marrow / black truffle / asparagus / mashed potato - this was a dish created solely for MOI. You've got a big-ass spear of asparagus propped on a half-bone that's been roasted with its marrow, and instead of the usual caviar we now have thin slices of black truffle. There was also some mashed potato underneath the bone.

I did see the Kitchen Nazi take out a little tube of gold flakes so I knew that was coming. What I didn't know was that they would be sprinkled on top of the truffle and marrow. But of course, the black and gold combination is just so photogenic, n'est-ce pas? And sourdough is de rigueur for me when bone marrow is served.

There was quite a lot of gold flakes on the plate, so as I put some of the mashed potato on sourdough, I also decided to wipe up some of the gold with the bread. It's not everyday the one gets to have golden bread! I am incredibly grateful for this. The Man in White T-shirt is indeed a true friend.

As he was prepping the dish, I did chastise the Kitchen Nazi for throwing away the chunks that he cut from the bottom of asparagus stalks. I know they are often fibrous and may be unpleasant to chew on, but I told him that he should be more "sustainable" in his cooking. So now he decided to give me all four chunks that he cut from the serving at the next table... Actually, these tasted just fine. And more fiber in one's system is always a good thing.

The only problem is now I've got all this fiber sitting in my stomach that's kinda getting full from the two slices of sourdough I just devoured...

Boudin basque / fried egg / squid - I was ever so thankful when this came and I only got half a serving of the boudin. I love this dish, and in fact have loved it since my very first visit to On Lot 10. Tonight this came with the usual pan-fried egg but there were a couple of sautéed squid on top. I love all that piment d'Espelette and of course, the oil that has now oozed out of the boudin.

Yellowfin sea bream / potato / tomato - I couldn't possibly eat another bite after the rich boudin, but here was a whole fish just for me! The yellowfin sea bream (黃腳臘) is a real delicacy so I did not have the option to refuse... The flesh of the fish was so succulent and tender, with such a nice bounce! And the basil that came were really, really fragrant and strong. MUAH!

As I was dining alone, it was perhaps the perfect opportunity to taste a bottle Foursheets might not approve.

2008 Didier Dagueneau Silex - the nose was definitely oxidized and caramelized, as I had feared, with notes of pineapple jam. The acidity was still strong on the palate, though, and in fact it was pretty grippy. The second pour, after chilling for around half an hour, was leaner on the palate. With the temperature colder, this was drinking pretty niccely now.

I did pour some of the wine for the Kitchen Nazi, but I suspect he didn't care for it much. I left feeling pretty happy but with around half the wine still in the bottle, as I was meeting up with the Fergies for some bubbly at the Hong Kong Jockey Club...

2014 Agrapart Vénus, dégorgée en Mai 2020 - I know this is a blanc de blancs AND a brut nature but it was still very dry on the palate. Nose was really fragrant with a little woodsy notes.

Chavost Rosé de Saignée - lots of redcurrants and cranberries, but the palate was flat and the finish short. Loved the color.

2002 Bruno Paillard Nec Plus Ultra, dégorgée en Septembre 2014 - lovely nose of minerals with salted plum and marmalade. Nice depth and complexity on the palate. Drinking pretty well.

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