March 28, 2024

50 Best and then some day 8: shopping for wifey

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Since I went to bed this morning at around 4 am, naturally I decided to sleep in. I had bought some pudding (プリン) desserts from Family Mart yesterday, so it was time to see what they taste like.

Pudding tart (プリンタルト)

Pudding cake (プリンサンド)

I finally left my hotel room when it was time to grab some lunch. I had nothing booked and just wanted to take it easy, so I walked around Kyoto Station looking for something to pique my interest. Osoba-dokoro Aoi (おそば処 葵) is a simple noodle shop and it was just what I needed.

I normally love stewed herring soba (にしんそば) as it's just really comforting for me, but since the restaurant happens to serve chilled stewed herring soba (冷しにしんそば), I got curious and gave it a try. I do like the texture of chilled noodles, but I do miss the warm and comforting feeling I get when drinking the hot broth.

Kyoto-style gluten dengaku (京生麩の田楽) - the miso paste on top adds sweetness to make it more interesting.

Foursheets gave me a short shopping list of skincare products and cosmetics, and fortunately most of it could be taken care of at the Isetan (伊勢丹) at Kyoto Station. While there wasn't a huge sum of money involved, it was still worthwhile to get a Guest Card for tourists and get that 5% discount.

Some of the cosmetics needed to be purchased from drugstore chains, so I crawled around a few places around the station, and thankfully completed my mission to Foursheets.

In between shopping for sake brewery T-shirts from Uniqlo, I decided that coffee would be a good idea, so I stopped in at Komeda's Coffee (コメダ珈琲店) for a cup of Sophia, a single origin premium coffee from Brazil. Always great with their peanuts.

I have an early dinner date with Geruhage, which was the whole reason I made the detour from Seoul to Kyoto, so I returned to the hotel with my shopping haul and changed for the evening. This is going to be exciting!

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