November 6, 2010

MNSC Burgundy Trip Day 1: starting in Bordeaux

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We're flying out tonight for our MNSC trip to Burgundy. Four of us are on the same flight, and three of us decided to start the party early by grabbing a bottle of wine at Free Duty and bringing it to the Cathay First Class Lounge.

The 2000 Calon-Segur drank pretty well for a bottle that did not get any aeration. Nose of chocolate, smoke, sweet fruit, alcohol, toffee and toast. Still pretty young and full-bodied.

We only finished half the bottle in a hurry, so I carried the bottle onto the plane. Just as I uncorked the bottle to share it with Lord Rayas, a red shirt came up to chastise me. I was informed that I could not consume any wines which I had brought myself, although I was more than welcome to drink anything that try had onboard.

I was pretty miffed, as it made no sense to me. I did not understand the logic behind the "company policy", and after speaking to a third person - a purple shirt - I was grudgingly allowed to finish the bottle with Lord Rayas, after reassuring them that I was not an alcoholic and did not bring onboard more than this bottle.

The rest of the flight was uneventful, and after 12 hours we landed at CDG to begin our trip...

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