November 16, 2010

More Pierre Hermé macarons

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I brought back a whole load of macarons from Pierre Hermé, and was able to try out a bunch of seasonal flavors.

Éden - nice and tropical with the peach and bits of apricot, but there was an extra, exotic dimension provided by the saffron.  Kinda reminds me of the Omani halwa I bought in Muscat.

Jasmin - the delicate, fragrant flavors of the jasmin flowers were so elegant.  Lovely.

Coing et Rose - the lovely, prominent fragrance of the rose petals was immediately apparently, followed by the fruity flavors of quince.

Rose - the pure fragrance of rose and rose petals.  Sweeter than the Coing et Rose.

Crème Brûlée - pretty delicious, definitely got that vanilla flavor...

Infiniment Caramel - is there anything better than salted butter caramel?  There was sooooo much butter here I could taste as it separates due to the warm temperature back in HK...

Pietra - the ganache in the middle tasted almost like Nutella... and there were crunchy bits of hazelnut on the outside.

Mogador - the passion fruit hits you first, then the richness of milk chocolate comes through.  Very cool combination.

Chuao - it looks like a pure Chuao chocolate macaron from the biscuit, but the ganache is actually blackcurrant with blackcurrant berries inside.

Marron et Thé Vert Matcha - very sweet... Both the chestnut biscuit and ganache were extremely sweet, and the matcha (抹茶) ganache center was pretty milky and sweet, too.

Infiniment Chocolat - pure, rich Porcelana chocolate from Venezuela.  Very long finish.

Truffe Blanche et Noisette - how awesome was this?!  This seasonal item was just so special... The fragrance of the white truffles was wonderful... so powerful that I was advised not to put this together with other flavors.  The ganache is made with hazelnuts and actually has big chunks, which to me detracted from the purity of the truffles.  But the flavor and scent of white truffles stays with you even after a while...

Now, all I want for Christmas are the special foie gras macarons...which go on sale in December.  Anyone going to Paris?

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HK Epicurus said...

Foie Gras macaron! Sounds good.

I only managed to eat 3 macarons from Pierre Herme - I ate too much of these little evil things everyday and it started to overwhelm my senses after a while! Your post reminds me I completely forgot about buying those Cheese Macarons from Hevin. >.<


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