May 25, 2021

21 months

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I last visited the joint serving my favorite Cantonese roast goose some 21 months ago.  Back in the last few months of 2019 I was pretty busy traveling around... globetrotting for work as well as taking short trips to eat around Asia.  So it wasn't surprising that I didn't get around to grab that goose.  

Then the pandemic started, and since the end of January 2020, I stopped going to any establishment where I would have to share tables with complete strangers - regardless of whether there were panes of plexiglass between me and others.  So I haven't given Yat Lok (一樂燒鵝) a dollar in about 21 months.

That ends today. Now that I'm fully vaccinated, I feel a lot more safe about being out there with strangers. It also helps that the situation in Hong Kong has improved drastically, with low single-digit cases of local infections - and most of them traceable. So... before getting on a call tonight, a colleague and I walked through the door and sat down for dinner.

Roast goose, lower quarter (燒鵝下庄) - still really, really tasty.  Love the flavors of spices - especially star anise - in the crispy skin.  

Rice flour noodles in soup (瀨粉) - believe it or not, I eagerly lapped up the MSG-laden broth.

I'll be back. And soon.

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