May 8, 2021

Shrinking Boy 2.0: 2 months later

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Another month has passed since I restarted my nutritional diet program, and the last month had been a little harder than the first.  So it wasn't surprising that I didn't make as much progress compared to the first month.

Weight loss to date: 4.4kg

I still didn't manage to work out during this month, and I only had my second vaccine shot yesterday.  I did join a team hike a couple of weekends ago, which helped burn a couple of hundred extra calories over the course of 3 hours.  It was understandable that as my metabolism slowed down, I was losing weight as a lower rate.

Cheat meals: 13

OK, so I had more cheat meals during this month, which averages to 3 per week.  But what's worse is that the cheat meals were often stacked together, which left my body less time to adjust and burn off the extra calories... which typically results in real weight gain.  

Am I still eating canned tuna and wheat toast?

Yes, I am still doing that for weekday lunch in the office, although there were a couple of days when I got a little depressed at the thought of eating something so tasteless... and ended up getting myself some vegetarian pasta (with more olive oil than my quota allows).

Sankala continues to be really supportive, and goes through great lengths to cook meals which both fit my dietary restrictions and palatable to her.  One example is baked crab cakes where the mayonnaise was replaced with tofu - so that I wouldn't have to take in the fat from the mayo.  I'm very grateful to have her with me this time around.

Junk food and sugared drinks

For the first two months - just as it was back in 2013 - I didn't touch a single bite of junk food in between meals, and I also didn't touch any soft drinks. Now that I've done 2 months, I'm loosening things up a little and will allow myself the occasional bit of junk food. Hopefully this won't derail my efforts too much.

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William said...

Keep it up! You can do it again : )



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