November 11, 2022

Mom's HK Michelin tour day 0: roast meats and fish

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Thanks in large part to the pandemic, it has been 4 years since the Parental Units came to Hong Kong to visit. I had been trying to convince them to come sooner rather than later, and white truffle season was the perfect bait. We planned an eating itinerary around Hong Kong to get them things that would be hard to come by in Taiwan.

I picked them up at the airport today - something I haven't done in years - and brought them to our place. It was already past 2pm when we arrived, and dad was certainly hungry. Fortunately Four Sheets had picked up some roast meats from Sun Kwai Heung BBQ Food (新桂香燒臘), so we had some charred fatty char siu (肥燶叉) and roast pork belly (燒肉) along with some veggies.

The Parental Units have a habit of snacking with their afternoon coffee, so I broke out the first of three boxes of traditional egg rolls from Duck Shing Ho (德成號), starting with egg rolls (家鄉雞蛋捲). I had waited in line for 2 hours a few weeks ago just so I could buy them for dad, and the smile on his face made it worthwhile. These are handmade and the layers are very thin, so they're definitely a cut above the rest.

For dinner, Four Sheets went to a neighborhood fishmonger in the wet market and got us a garoupa, which she proceeded to steam in typical Cantonese fashion. Most of the fish went to dad, since we all know how much he loves it.

We also managed to finish most of the char siu and roast pork, along with more veggies.

As it's Friday and all, we popped open a bottle to relax at home.

2020 Blanc Sec de Suduiraut - pretty flinty on the nose, almost a hint of pipi de chat here, lemon citrus. Round and ripe on the palate, not so dry.

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