November 16, 2022

Mom's HK Michelin tour day 5: exotic Kowloon

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We got out of the apartment a little earlier this morning, as I had scheduled some cultural activity for the Parental Units. M+ is currently showing a special exhibition entitled Yayoi Kusama: 1945 to Now, which is a wonderful retrospective of the artist's work. It only started last Saturday so we were pretty lucky. I've only been exposed to a limited number of her work, so I really enjoyed being able to view such a wide range of pieces spanning so many decades.

I don't remember the title of this work, but it spoke to me. Mom also enjoyed getting to know Kusama-san's work, as she previously had only heard of the artist's name.

For lunch I wanted to take mom somewhere that would be exotic for her, and since we are on the Kowloon side, Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant came to mind. I was pretty sure mom has never had dosas or, more interestingly, Indian Chinese food.

Paneer 65 - these deep-fried bite-sized cubes of cheese were pretty fun to nibble on.

Paper masala dosa - as Luke used to say... LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING! It's not my first time having the paper dosa here, but the size certainly made an impression on the Parental Units. As a lover of potato chips, mom really enjoyed just breaking off pieces and nibbling on them - even as is. Very tasty, but very rich and heavy...

Gobi Manchurian, wet version - the first of two Indian Chinese dishes I ordered. I love cauliflower and this deep-fried version with the spicy sauce has quickly become a favorite while dining here. Looks Chinese with all those spring onions sprinkled on top...

Schezwan fried rice - rice is stir-fried with carrots, peas, green beans... so far all very Chinese-looking... but also with cloves, black peppercorns, potato, and cauliflower. Pretty spicy for me even though I was pretty sure I asked for mild... and served with raita on the side.

This was a pretty good lunch, and I know it was a new experience for mom. Too bad she didn't partake in the masala chai for fear of being overwhelmed by the spices...

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