November 13, 2022

Mom's HK Michelin tour day 2: hairy dinner

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It's the second full day for the Parental Units' medical surveillance period, and the day when they needed to do their second PCR test. I had pre-booked time slots for all three of their tests at our neighborhood community testing center, so that was our activity this morning just before lunch.

We also managed to walk through the traditional wet market around North Point, where we picked up a bunch of veggies and fruits that aren't common in Taiwan these days. Some of the veg would be cooked up immediately as part of our lunch.

Four Sheets cooked up another meal, this time claypot rice with preserved meats (臘味煲仔飯). We had just gotten in a new shipment of Cantonese preserved sausages from Fan Cook Productions (明廚), so she put in the traditional pork sausage, duck liver sausage, and goose liver sausage. She was able to get a very good amount of crust at the bottom, which yielded tons of rice crispies (飯焦).

Dad also managed to finish the leftover garoupa head from last night. Let's just say he was a pretty happy camper.

For today's afternoon coffee session, we would open the third and final box of egg rolls from Duck Shing Ho (德成號) - this time the coconut egg rolls (鮮椰汁蛋卷). While there was some coconut flavor, it was fairly mild so... ultimately not that interesting.

After our coffee, it was time to pick up the Shanghainese hairy crabs (大閘蟹) which have been ordered for us. I haven't bought these to cook at home in years, and used to patronize another shop, but I've always known about Shing Lung Hong Co. (成隆行) being a distributor for these critters. It obviously makes sense to go to the source.

Our friend recommended that we forgo the bigger crabs and opt for those weighing 5.5 taels, as his recent experience showed the roe from these crabs to have more flavor.

The second crab seemed to have even more flavor in the roe. Not bad at all.

We were all pretty slow tonight with the crabs, and both grandma and grandpa - along with me - made sure our CC Dogcow got plenty of the tips of the crab legs. She was a happy camper, too!

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