June 7, 2014

Casual tea house dinner

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I spend the afternoon hanging out with some friends and sipping on some white wine.  Dinner time came around, and we decided to satiate our hunger at Luk Yu Tea House (陸羽茶室) - a place they frequent.  Luk Yu is a Hong Kong classic that just isn't on my list, even though I've worked within walking distance from it for years.  But I was happy to go along and munch.

Double-boiled pig's lung and almond soup (杏仁白肺湯) - one must order this soup when one is here.  Very rich and creamy, full of almond fragrances and flavors.  The pig's lung were very clean, and the flavors were very mild and delicate.  I had a second bowl.

Deep-fried prawn toast (炸蝦多士) - not bad.  At least they used chunks of real prawn, and not just prawn paste.

Fried sliced pigeon with ham (燒雲腿鴿片) - the ham slices are a little dry but tasty like jerky.  The pigeon meat was pretty good, but I was surprised at what was supposed to be pigeon skin.  It was definitely a lot thicker and chewier - almost to the point of being crunchy - than any pigeon skin I've ever had...

Braised pomelo skin with frog's legs (田雞腿柚皮) - never had this combination before... The pomelo skin was OK.

Walnut cream (核桃露) - pretty nice, actually.  Definitely the good stuff.

I brought a bottle of wine to dinner, and quickly found myself buzzed as I realized I had been drinking intermittently for the last 8 hours...

1995 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon Special Selection - sweet on the palate.  A little smoky, a bit alcoholic, and minty.

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