June 8, 2014

Classic entrecôte

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I met Wilson Kwok, the proprietor behind W's Entrecôte, at dinner on Friday.  I had been going to this place for steak frites ever since I first came to Hong Kong almost 20 years ago, and have fond memories over the years, although it's been a few years since I was last there.

I was surprised to hear from Wilson that business hasn't been so good lately.  I guess that just shows the mentality of the people in Hong Kong... since they seem to be only looking for the latest (and not necessarily greatest) places - egged on by the PR / media machine trying to drum up business for the new venues.  So it's kinda sad to see that this place - which has been serving very solid food at reasonable prices for two decades - being forgotten by the general public.

I thought a return visit was in order, so I made up my mind to come back tonight.  I also decided that I would write about tonight's dinner - even though normally this type of food doesn't show up on this here blog.  I wanted to remind people that these guys are still around, and I'd like to see them stick around for another 20 years.  In Francophile territories, places such as Le Relais de l'Entrecôte do brisk business on a daily basis, since they are the French counterpart of the classic Cantonese roast meat (燒味) joints - everyday fare that never falls out of favor.  I'd love to see places like this become a more permanent part of the dining scene in town.

Thankfully, Mr. and Mrs. Tigger decided to join me for dinner.  I've been here with Tigger before, and this is the type of no-nonsense, value-for-money place that he would enjoy.

Salade verte aux noix, style W's - very simple, and it's good to start with some greens.

Escargot à l'Alsacienne, sur les champignons - this was ordered by mistake, but I was happy to chomp down on some shrooms and snails.  Tried to stay away from the mash...

Entrecôte, 8 oz - absolutely perfect, and I'd forgotten how much I love that herb butter sauce.  Not only was it a perfect complement to the entrecôte, it was also great with the fries!  I had to keep myself from finishing the fries... and thankfully I ran out of the sauce.

I asked for medium-rare, and what I got was perfect.  Nicely charred on the outside to give that smoky flavor,  Red and juicy inside, with just the right amount of blood and juices.  For someone who's not a big steak guy, I was a real happy camper.

I took a glass of house read to go with my meat, and this was just what I needed.  I think Tigger liked it, too.  I was also pleasantly surprised to run into another old friend as he took his wife and two girls here - introducing the next generation to the simple pleasures of steak frites.  Believe it or not, they still use those red and white checkered tablecloths here...  For all the high-end, fancy schmancy places that I seem to frequent and favor, there's a special place in my heart for this place and others like it.


Anonymous said...

Have loved this place for years. Been going to it since it first opened in Times Square. Hands down the best steak frites in HK. The new hipster places don't have a patch on it.

ollie hong kong said...

Nice review. Pretty good. Have you tried La Vache??


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